Wooden Numbered Tiles for Twilight Struggle

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These wooden tiles are designed to replace both the cardboard tiles from the original and deluxe games, and also the wooden tiles from the collectors edition.

The cardboard tiles are subject to wear after some medium term play and end up worn very quickly, with the print removed, leaving an unsightly tile.

The wooden tiles with the collectors edition use a shiny paint to print the numbers.  This is a problem, because the light shining on the tiles reflects off these numbers, making it difficult to see the number. 

Also for the collectors edition, you now need to add an additional small coloured cube beside the tile to reflect control of a country.  This adds clutter to the board.  There was nothing wrong with the basic system in the original game, where the tiles were flipped to indicate control.

These wooden tiles are the best of both worlds.  They are durable, the same size as the original tiles, just a little thicker, and have the same number printed on both sides.  The colours are inverted on each side to indicate control, or not, just like the original game.

Blue number on white background (no control), or white number on blue background (control).  Same for the red tiles.

The distribution of each number matches the original set.

Dimensions 16mm x 16mm x 6mm.

These tiles were designed by me to meet a need of mine and I thought I'd share them to anyone that is interested.  They are simple wooden tiles with some hard wearing paint and are NOT an official product of GMT.  They do, however, do a very good job!